For whom is this type of coaching?

This law of attraction coaching is for people that are interested in the application of the law and its principles, and who would like to have practical tools to successfully apply it and manifest all their desires. But it is also for those who don’t know anything about it, who are open minded and who would like to try the experience. Always follow your intuition, it is the best guide in life. 

It can also helps parents, teachers, young adults and more mature ones, single ones, married ones or those in couple. To all those who would like to thrive in life, have more harmonious relationships with others, who would like to change path, have more money or those who simply want to feel better and more happy. 

Why choosing a coach over anybody else?

A life coach compared to another type of guide, will in fact look into the past; where do we come from, how some experiences shaped us, but he will not stay there long. His focus will be much more on the present and the future.

The most relevant question would be: what do we do now ? What do we choose? The most important thing is: now. It’s now that everything is happening, in this eternal present moment. The coach will support all the little steps necessary to build back confidence and hope. He doesn’t offer advice either, he can suggest ideas but he will mainly invite the other to find his own answers, his own solutions. He will help to build one’s own independence and autonomy, to take the power back and to be responsible for his own life in joy and enthusiasm.


Why should you choose the law of attraction coaching instead of a traditional coaching?

The law of attraction coaching already includes all the benefits of a traditional one: being supported and encouraged, the deep reflection, the setting of goals etc. 

And so much more; it brings out a more profound gentleness and well being, as it allows a deep reconnection to all that is. Transcending our ego, directly to the source of all life. The name that you give to this source is not important, what truly matters is this reconnection. 

There is no better feeling than this one: being truly supported, to allow, and to know with confidence that our desires have already been responded to. 

In love and joy, this type of coaching is a journey, a spiritual one full of joy, inspiration and excitement.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction (LOA) states that everything that exists is made up of energy and matter, that we are born creators. We create continually with our thoughts, our emotions, with the power of our focus. So, it is possible to take our power back and to deliberately create the experiences we want to live in our life. 

Behind this seemingly simple truth lies a more complex issue: our mind. Even if we are creators, most of the time we are not conscious of our thoughts, our conception of the world, our hidden emotions. 

To be coached helps illuminate those aspects, helps us become conscious and take more enlightened decisions. Coaching has completely transformed my life and the life of those around me. 

As a matter of fact, the law of attraction forms part of a group of 7 laws:

  1. The law of attraction
  2. The law of deliberate intent
  3. The law of allowing
  4. The law of abundance
  5. The law of pure potentiality 
  6. The law of detachment 
  7. The law of polarity 

There is a lot of information on the law of attraction; The Secret, Abraham Hicks etc. There are numerous books, videos etc. Personally, I use a lot of practical tools coming from Abraham Hicks’ books and workshops. It’s a great source of inspiration. 

What are some of the coincidences that you experienced in your life ? You can share with me by commenting below.